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About Build My Scores

Who We Are

Build My Scores is a total credit restoration and enhancement company. Committed to delivering innovation, Build My Scores collaborates with referral partners such as mortgage, real estate, and banking professionals to help them with their clients that are facing credit challenges.

We have extensive relationships with the nation’s leading companies and work with organizations of all sizes. Our
commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships.

The many strengths that distinguish Build My Scores in the marketplace include:

  • Broad industry expertise
  • Evolving restoration service and enhancement offerings
  • Expertise in federal credit laws
  • Backend technology innovation and implementation
  • Research and development capabilities
  • Commitment to the long-term development of our employees
  • Proven and experienced management team

Along with working hand in hand with the above-mentioned types of organizations, we are proud to receive many referrals from our satisfied clients. So, if you are a consumer that needs to raise your credit score and take control of your financial future, we’d love to hear directly from you.

We love sharing our success stories.

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Think your credit is bad beyond repair? We will change your mind.

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What We Do

Credit repair and improving damaged credit scores take time. We will work with you to implement a multiple phase audit process strategy to have the inaccurate items removed from your credit reports. This audit process usually takes 3-7 months. There are state and federal laws to protect you and your credit score! Credit repair help is here! Get inaccurate and unverifiable credit reporting information removed through our strategy and learn how to manage your credit responsibly.

Our “doing things with excellence” strategy builds on our expertise in credit dispute resolution, utilization of federal credit laws and consumer education to help our referral partners perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers. Using our industry knowledge, credit expertise and back-end technology capabilities, we assist consumers throughout the nation to:

  • Increase credit scores
  • Achieve financial goals
  • Restore buying power
  • Truly understand the importance of credit

Contrary to what most in our industry do, we don’t simply send denial letters to creditors and cross our fingers, hoping that they don’t respond. That is ineffective and if it does work, it’s only temporary. Our multi-faceted approach to increasing credit scores is not only the most effective in the industry, it produces long-term, permanent results that can truly set you up for financial prosperity.

We are aware that there are a lot of scams in our industry. That is why it is important that you understand the difference between US and THEM.

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If you have decided to take control of your financial future, the process with us begins with an in depth conversation about your situation.

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Where We Do It

We are proud to serve and have served clients in every state that allows credit repair. Only five states in the U.S. do not allow companies like ours to work in their area. Check out the map below to see if we can help you in YOUR state and if so, CONTACT US for a free phone consultation!

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The Accelerator Program For Businesses

The Accelerator Program is our effort to help professionals whose sales are directly impacted by the credit of their clients, increase their sales by taking their credit challenged clients from UNQUALIFIED to QUALIFIED.

  • home-builders
  • loan-officers
  • realtors
  • auto-dealers

It’s inevitable that you run across customers and clients who don’t qualify for your product because of their credit
scores. Hey, bad things happen to good people all of the time and a lot of these prospects can easily afford your
product. They simply can’t qualify.

The question is: What do you do with these prospects?

Our guess is that, like most, you simply turn them away and tell them you are not able to help them. Why should
you, right? There score is below what is required and there is nothing you can do for them? Or is there?

Welcome to The Accelerator Program (TAP) by Build My Scores-the most effective credit consulting agency in the country.

What if you could take all of your credit challenged clients and turn them into future sales when, prior to TAP, they
would be worth nothing to you? What if you could add another 300, 400, or 500 sales to your numbers during the year by doing nothing more than referring clients into the program?

It’s possible. Here is how:

Let’s say each sales consultant at your office sees 10 people with bad credit per month. Now let’s say that you have 10 sales consultants. That’s 100 denials you see PER MONTH. If you immediately refer these denials to us and we successfully increase the scores of 30% of them, that is THIRTY new deals you can expect to come back to you per month in anywhere between 2-10 months!

Or maybe you sold someone a vehicle, or home at a high interest rate because of their credit. Why not sell them a
SECOND vehicle, or refinance them in the near future by referring them to TAP and allowing us to raise their scores, qualifying them for a prime rate and the payment they really want?

Could you stand to add 30, or more sales to your numbers per month? Well, it is possible!

We truly are the most effective credit consulting company in the country. We even offer a 50 point guarantee! Our processes and procedures raise scores quickly and permanently. Leverage our success to multiply your sales numbers.

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