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Approximately 54 million people in the United States have a poor credit score, which affects their ability to qualify for loans and employment opportunities. Build My Scores credit repair services helps you to repair your credit score, starting the process with a FREE consultation (worth $150) that provides a risk-free solution to set things in motion. Our consultants educate you on the possible reasons behind a low credit score, as well as their aggressive strategies. A FREE expert consultation is a great option for those who barely ‘suspect’ inaccuracies in their credit reports, to gain clarity from seasoned credit score experts.

Credit Repair Services

Build My Scores’ credit repair experts create a comprehensive plan to improve your credit score, helping you ensure a stable financial and professional future. Valuing your convenience, our experts schedule a consultation at any time that works best for you, help you obtain your credit report from all three major bureaus, and conduct an in-depth comparative analysis. Besides explaining how credit scores are calculated and the laws that protect you, we also educate you on how our proprietary multi-phase audit process works. Finally, we share the estimated time to repair your credit score and the way forward.

Build My Scores offers a money back guarantee and carries a 100% surety bond to protect the clients’ best interest.

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