How to Establish Credit when you Have None

Credit Score
A person pulling a credit card out of their leather wallet beside the words how to establish credit

Building credit is a bit of a catch-22 – you need established credit in order to get approved for loans and other means of financing. However, establishing credit can be difficult without a history of paying off loans and credit cards. Thankfully, simple steps such as opening secured credit cards, paying bills on time, and […]

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FICO vs Vantage Score

Credit Report
A person pressing enter on their laptop keyboard beside a credit score chart (measuring from good to bad) with the needle right in the middle, below the words "FICO vs Vantage Credit Score"

Your credit score has a significant impact on your ability to get approved for loans. From car loans and mortgages to personal loans and credit cards, all lenders will want to run a detailed credit check as part of the screening process. There are two main types of credit scores: Vantage Scores and FICO scores. And […]

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