How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

Man's hands holding up sign that says fix your creditCredit repair requires a strategy to accomplish. There is a multiple phase audit process that will result in the inaccurate items getting removed from your credit reports. There are Federal and State laws in place to protect the consumer from inaccurate and unverifiable credit reporting. We assist you in enforcing these credit and debt laws by implementing a proven strategy.

  1. Thorough research and investigation of credit and collection agencies information, inquiries, public records, and source of information.
  2. Carefully audit the Credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
  3. Reinvestigate the credit bureaus and ask for method of their investigation.
  4. Validation of debt audits, demanding creditors/collection companies produce original documentation.
  5. Revised Validation of Debt to the collection agencies as needed.
  6. Offer of Performance Audits to the collection agencies.
  7. Omission by Silence packets back to Bureaus supplying all audits to the collection agencies/ creditors and failure to comply.
  8. Estoppel letters, FTC complaints, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints to those who do not comply with audits.
  9. Utilize Delivery Confirmation mail when auditing the creditors and collection agencies to create a paper trail of documented proof.

Why Credit Repair is Not a “Choice”

Person giving someone a hand who is walking up blocks that say best, better, and good enoughBuild My Scores is a trusted credit restoration company, equipped with a team of widely experienced credit consultants. Committed to helping clients regain complete control over their finances, we closely examine credit reports obtained from all three major bureaus, identify inaccuracies, get them rectified, and also render credit maintenance tips. Through expert guidance, we help resurrect your credit profile, which in turn improves your creditworthiness and qualifies you to obtain loans and mortgage at reasonable rates.

Almost all lending institutions regard credit score as one of the most important factors to assess application, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s financial habits. While disciplined financial behavior such as timely payments portrays you as a credible applicant, a low score may straightaway translate into denial of request. Even if a lender approves your request, the financing would be in exchange of a higher-than-usual interest rate, and similar is the saga when it comes to insurance premiums.

What is the Process for Improving My Credit Score?

Initial Assessment

According to, 80% of all credit reports contain errors, and removing them can dramatically increase the credit score. We identify inaccurate and outdated entries in your credit report and follow a number of protocols to get the issues rectified.

Debt Clearance

Unpaid debts are the most common reason behind a poor credit score. Following a collaborative approach, our consultants provide tailored solutions to help you manage your resources and get rid of your existing debt, without having to disrupt any essentials.

Referral Assistance

If you need a mortgage or auto loan or any other financial assistance, our consultants are ideally placed to set you up with one of our referral partners who’d be happy to help. Bear in mind, improving credit score is not an overnight process, and may take up to a few months.

Are All Credit Repair Companies About the Same?

No, not all credit repair companies are the same. Build My Scores is in a class above the rest. We don’t just write letters or dispute online with the credit bureaus. We do validations of debt and audit the creditors directly. We professionally audit the creditors and collection agencies using over 400 different custom letters. We continue to create new custom letters. We don’t use form letters like most credit repair companies. We tailor it to your needs. Our intense audit demands validation and verification of derogatory information using the four major federal laws.

These four Federal laws have been established to protect consumers’ credit reports. Creditors and credit bureaus are legally obligated to produce documented evidence within a reasonable amount of time, generally 30 days, to prove the information they are reporting. If they cannot validate their claims, they must promptly remove any undocumented information from the consumer’s credit report.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

After your free consultation, Build My Scores will have evaluated your credit situation and will have all the information needed to determine an accurate price for you. Our clients hire us for various reasons such as late payments, repossessions, foreclosures, collections, medical collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies. There are no two credit reports alike. Because the amount of work involved is different, each client is quoted on a case-to-case basis. Our work is guaranteed and there are payment options available.

We understand that choosing an agency to improve credit score is a critical decision and it is natural to have a few qualms. Should you wish to learn more about our capabilities and how we help, you can call us at 972-432-7423 or toll-free at 866-611-9531.

What Can I Expect After My Credit is Repaired?

  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Higher credit card limits
  • High-value phone contracts
  • Better chances of employment

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