Low credit scores keep lots of potential customers from qualifying for your product. Life often throws good people a hard time, and most of these prospective customers are not deadbeats. They are just going through a difficult period. It’s not that they can’t afford your product, but they just can’t qualify.

Help home builders improve potential customer's credit scores
Help Realtors improve potential buyers credit scores
Help auto dealers improve potential customer's credit scores
Help loan officers improve potential borrowers credit scores
Help insurance agents improve potential customer's credit scores
Help utility/security brokers improve potential customer's credit scores

So what’s your strategy? Do you just write off customers with less than stellar credit?

Odds are you currently turn them down, explaining you can’t help them. That’s the financially responsible thing to do, right? They don’t meet the required score and the situation is out of your hands. What if there was something you can do for all of these likely customers? That’s where The Accelerator Program (TAP) by Build My Scores comes in.

With TAP, you’re dealing with the country’s most efficient credit consulting agency.

Without TAP, clients with credit issues are a lost cause. With TAP, they are more than just future sales – they are a possibly huge future sales market. Think about adding another 100 or more – maybe even 500 – sales annually from customers you now have to turn away. All you have to do is refer them to the TAP program.


Perhaps each of your sales consultants sees an average of 10 customers monthly with bad credit. With 10 consultants, that’s a loss of 100 clients per month. Help turn some of those denials into sales by immediately referring them to TAP. If we are able to increase the scores of at least 30 percent of these formerly denied customers, that means another 30 sales per month for your company. The lag time between the original denial and TAP approval ranges between two and 10 months.

Another scenario: You sold a person with a low credit rating a vehicle or home at a high-interest rate. How about contacting them about buying a second vehicle or refinancing their house via TAP? We can help raise their credit scores, and your customer receives a good rate and better payment. It’s a win/win all around. With TAP, it is more than likely you could add 30 or monthly sales numbers.

See for yourself how we really are the nation’s most successful credit consulting company – we offer a 50 point guarantee to prove it! With our policies and procedures, scores rise rapidly and stay that way. TAP’s proficiency grows your sales numbers.


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