Credit Dispute Code Removal

Did you know that you cannot close on a home loan if your credit reports have a multitude of accounts that are listed as Consumer Disputes Account? Most “credit repair” companies will send bureau dispute after bureau dispute over and over until the bureaus mark it as a frivolous disputed account. If that happens, you lose the right to do a true audit in the future.

Credit Accounts Dispute & Audit Process

There is a process to dispute and audit account(s) on your credit the proper way and if not done correctly it will affect the process to get an item out of dispute status when it’s time to close on a home loan. Build My Scores uses a dispute and audit process that keeps this in mind when going for a home loan. We work on getting your scores high enough so that when the dispute code status is removed you can still qualify for the home loan.

If you or a company just does blanket disputes you are going to run the risk that you cannot get these out of dispute status as they were disputed to the bureaus too many times. Some creditors will not remove out of dispute status for the same reason. If you are planning to get a car or a credit card, the dispute code will not play in the factor of getting approved. As of now, only a mortgage loan cannot have a dispute code on the credit report.

How does Build My Scores Fix Dispute Code Status?

Build My Scores has a process that you the consumer can do quickly to get items out of dispute code status, along with a more detailed process, which includes sending specific letters to the creditors and collection companies. The written process is used when the consumer process does not work but it takes longer. We have clients that come to us to help get the Dispute Code status removed after working with other companies or doing it themselves. We can help but it is much harder and time-consuming than if the client had already worked with us prior to this needed done.

Please contact Build My Scores if you have questions or need help with dispute codes showing on your credit report.