Credit Repair for Vehicle Loan Approvals

Calculator on top of European money next to a red carBuild My Scores provides a comprehensive spectrum of credit restoration and enhancement services to help improve your credit score and buying power. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and strategizing expertise to help you obtain auto loans, after abolishing any element that may lead to rejection. We collaborate with an array of referral partners to address all sorts of credit problems.

When planning to buy a car, it is advisable to get your loan pre-approved, in order to negotiate the best deal. Auto loan pre-approval entails almost the same perks for the car buyer as complete down payment, without requiring them to save for months or years. To help you get a pre-approval on an auto loan, we contact local banks, credit unions as well as online lenders.

Does Credit Score Matter in Pre-approval of Auto Loans?

Yes, you need a credit score of 620 or above in order to obtain a pre-approved auto loan. This, however, doesn’t imply that there are no options for those with a poor credit score. Numerous lenders are open to considering loan applicants with a low credit score; however, it is worth mentioning that the higher is your credit score, the lower will be the interest rates on your loans.

How Does the Auto Loan Pre-approval Process Work?

Once you get pre-approval on an auto loan request, you can take your time to choose a suitable model among the ones available within the loan amount. Make sure the lender that has offered the pre-approval supports the car dealer from which you are planning to purchase the car. If you are absolutely clueless about which car to buy, many lenders may provide a ‘blank check’ with a predefined limit. This allows you to visit multiple car dealers and explore as many options as you like.

How Can I Get My Vehicle Loan Approved?

If your score is less than 620, it may not be easy for you to obtain a pre-approval. Whether the low score is due to inaccurate reporting or avoidable personal financial management, you can count on the capabilities credit repair professionals.

Build My Scores employs seasoned professionals to educate you on how to improve your credit score for seamless vehicle loan approval. If your score is 620 or marginally above and lenders are asking high rates of interest, we can help you enhance your score to a much healthier figure. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of credit management and financing, we can help resurrect your credit profile.

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