Build My Scores’ Mission Statement

“Build My Scores aims to assist individuals to repair and enhance their credit scores and achieve financial freedom, through comprehensive credit repair solutions tailored to address their specific and ever-changing credit challenges. In addition, we aim to build value for our referral partners by ensuring world-class service delivery, tangible results, and reliable support. Our ultimate mission and the biggest strength is customer satisfaction.”

At Build My Scores, we understand the challenges of a credit score and how it can affect your financial profile and plans in life. All banks and other reputable lenders assess consumer credit reports to deem their reliability as a borrower. Acknowledging the uniqueness of every client and their case, our experts understand their credit crisis and other dynamics at play, based on which they create a tailored credit repair plan to resurrect their credit scores.

Build My Scores, with an extensive network of referral partners, including mortgage specialists and auto financers, to ideally provide effective and affordable credit repair solutions. We create holistic credit-enhancing strategies for each customer while being cognizant of their credit challenges and financial limitations. In addition to improving credit scores, we also advise measures and financial behaviors to maintain a healthy credit profile.

Ultimate Mission: ‘Results’

Build My Scores, with success stories, guarantees a healthy credit score and clean report. If we are unable to improve your credit scores by a minimum of 50 points or remove incorrect or unvalidated information, we refund your labor fees, no questions asked.